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  • Radix International Journal provides free research journal subscription for colleges, universities, individual and other educational institutions.

  • Other journal provides PAID subscription. But our journal provides free of cost subscription - So, The people from every walk of life can benefited from our journal. Submit your research papers and get exposer to your research work from millions of our readers.

  • Last date of Submission of Research Papers is 7th of every month.

  • Names are invited for joining Editioiral Board.

  • The Research Papers will be published on 12th of every month.

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Q:What is Radix International Journals?

Ans:  Radix International Journal is a service that offers entree to top class and quality controlled Research Journals. The Radix International Journal aims to be an all-inclusive and wraps all intellectual and research journals that provide correct quality management. It will not be limited to particular languages or subject areas. The Radix International Journal gives an international exposure to author and editors thus promoting their research journals increasing.

Q: What are the selection criteria for this service?

  All scholarly and research journals and articles subjects are covered
* Scholarly and research journals that publish research or review papers in full text.
* We accept educational, government, commercial, non-profit private sources.
* The objective group for integrated journals should be principally researchers.
* A genuine part of the journal should consist of research papers. All composition should be available in
   full text.
* All languages

* All content freely available, once joined Radix International Journal.
* Registration is free online.

Genuineness is what we always look for. For a journal to be included it should exercise quality control on submitted research journals through an editor, editorial board and/or a peer-review system.

Q: What is the procedure for getting a journal into Radix International Journal?

* Has the journal got a valid ISSN number?
* Is there any information regarding editorial board?
* Are the journals available in full text?
* Does the journal complete editorial and/or examine review?
* Finally, we check that there is a contact email address, and that it is active.

When all above are checked, we send a registration form to the proof header.
Once we collect the filled in form, we check the journal thoroughly based on the information provided in the registration form.
The journal is then registered and ordered by the Radix International Journal according to guidelines. The journal is instantly searchable and able to be seen in Radix International Journal upon registration.

Q: What file format has to be uploaded while submitting research journals?

Ans: We accept .doc files only. When registered, we change its format to be search engine and user friendly. Also we provide PDF files in return to get them printed by the candidate as desired.

Q: Will Radix International Journal provide a print of my journal? Can I print myself? I am
    having problems downloading my PDF file. Any suggestions?

Ans : No,Radix International Journal do not print journals but we publish them online journals to make them searchable and visible, however, once registered, we provide PDF file which is printable. PDF are larger files and take time to download due to traffic on internet or server’s speed and bandwidth. Please allow system some time to download PDF, or check if your browser supports PDF or not. Other than that, if problem still exists, please contact Radix International Journal.

Q: I still have a question?

Ans :Radix International Journal is happy to answer your any doubt and query. Please contact us at [email protected]

Names are invited for joining Editioiral Board.  The Research Papers will be published on 12th of every month. Last date of submission of Research Papers is 7th of every month.