The CBC Health Services Continues to Facilitate Inclusive Education

Some schools of the Northwest Regional Inclusive Education Community of Practice (IE-COP) have received learning assistive devices through the CBC Health Services amounting to 7.3 million Francs CFA.  The donations took place at the Baptist Center on May 24, 2023. Eight Inclusive Schools selected received these donations in recognition of their encouraging efforts in promoting inclusion in their respective educational establishments. The IE-COP project is implemented under the Empowerment and Disability Inclusive Development (EDID) Program of the CBC Health Services.

The material will be very useful for learners with impairments

Addressing the recipients, the Deputy Director for Administration and Finance for CBC Health Services Mr.Warri Denis thanked them for their relentless efforts in ensuring Inclusive Education in their schools. He noted the value attached to inclusion by the CBC Health Services and her external partners and praised them for fruitful collaboration to realize this goal in the area of education.

“We have observed with satisfaction and wish to express our appreciation to you for the consideration learners with impairments are given in your institutions. Because you have opened your doors for learners with impairments, we have been inspired to join you in your good work by supporting you with learning assistive devices to facilitate your delivery of inclusive education to learners with visual impairments in particular” - Mr. Warri added.

The Learning Assistive Devices included: Talking calculators, Talking clocks, Tape recorders, Slates, Styluses, Braille math teaching slates, Cubes kits, Magnifiers, and Braille Papers. These will be used as part of the school’s Resource Rooms or Library material and equipment. The donation has been made possible thanks to the Liliane Foundation which has been supporting the education of children with disabilities in Cameroon for more than a decade.

Mr. Warri, I urged beneficiaries to put in place measures to guarantee sustainable use.

Speaking on behalf of the recipients, the Education Secretary for CBC Schools Mr. Job Nyanganji promised that the equipment will be used for the purpose for which it is intended. He extended appreciation to the donors, the Liliane Foundation who have been doing a lot to promote Inclusive Education in Cameroon.

School leaders receive their devices with appreciation

The Director of the CBC Health Services Prof Tih Pius Muffih, the Principal Investigation of the Project was present to hand over the devices.