SEEPD Program Donates Laptop to Student with Visual Impairment

The CBC Health Services through the SEEPD Program has donated a laptop to a student with visual impairment in the Department of Educational Leadership at the University of Bamenda. The laptop with installed JAW and NVDA software was handed to Mbuh Silas recently during the morning devotion of the CBC Health Services Central Administration at Nkwen Baptist Center Bamenda. The software facilitates reading for persons with visual impairment.

The laptop was handed by the Deputy Director of Administration and Finance of the CBC Health Services who expressed that the objective of the gesture by the SEEPD Program is to enable Silas to access learning activities in the University. Mr. Warri Denis congratulated Silas for breaking the barriers to his education to reach the University level. He assured him of the support of CBC Health Services in accomplishing his educational dreams. The DDAF implored him to use the laptop judiciously and continue to excel in his education so that he will be a role model to other persons with impairments.

Speaking to the level 2 student in Uba, “studies at the university are challenging”,  he expressed given that most lecturers are given in hard copies which is difficult for him to access. With the challenges faced, he decided to apply to the SEEPD Program to assist him with a laptop. Receiving the laptop is a dream come true for him because the laptop will greatly facilitate his studies at the University such as research and assignments. “I will no longer go to the documentation for typing of my assignments, I will conveniently do them at home” he noted. He added that the laptop will enable him to be independent unlike at first when he used to depend on his friends to have notes and do his assignments. He described the SEEPD Program as a program that is intentional about the needs of persons with disabilities who are working relentlessly in making life easy for them. His prayer is for the program to have more funding opportunities so that they can continue to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities in the Region and beyond.

Sharing his education dreams, he noted that he looks forward to graduating from his Degree program in 2024 after which he will further his studies. His ambition is to be a leader in any domain. From his experience, Silas advised his peers to accept their disability and consciously break the barriers that prevent them from accessing education and livelihood opportunities. It should be noted that this is not the first time Silas is benefiting from the services of the SEEPD Program.