CBCHS-SEEPD Program puts strategies in place to foster Inclusion in UBa

The Director of CBC Health Services has challenged some students of the University of Bamenda to continue mainstreaming disabilities in their studies. Prof. Tih Pius was speaking while handing over some equipment to some students in the University. These students were successful candidates who took part in a story writing contest last year organized by the Association of Communication and Development Studies at the University of Bamenda. The equipment was handed to the students recently in the presence of SEEPD Program staff at the Baptist Center Nkwen Bamenda.

According to the Student Union President of the Faculty of Arts, Nji Nelson Chefor, the objective of the story writing contest which received stories from 17 students, was to test the ability of the students on Journalism practices. After going through the stories, Amabo Chris and Atiefor Nana Virgiline succeeded but the Department did not have a prize to award them. Also, given that classes are mostly online, the Student Union President of the Faculty saw the difficulties through which the lone student with impairment in the Faculty, Fuh Asaah Bertrand was facing.

It is against this backdrop that the Faculty President carried out an advocacy visit to the SEEPD Program to advocate for equipment that could be awarded as prizes to the winners of the contest and the student with visual impairment. In a meeting with the SEEPD Program Manager, Nji Nelson expressed his desire to collaborate with the SEEPD Program to promote inclusion in the University of Bamenda. As the President of the Association, Nji Nelson is committed to ensuring that the voices of students with impairment in the University of Bamenda are heard.

At a time when the CBC Health Services has signed a partnership with the University of Bamenda to promote Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID), the SEEPD Program Manager noted that supporting the Student Union to promote inclusion in the school is the right step in the right direction. Thus, the provision of the award by the SEEPD Program to the successful candidates of the contest and a student with visual impairment was one of the many strategies to promote inclusion in UBa.

The prizes consist of two recorders and rechargeable batteries to enable the two winners in the collection of news and an Andriod phone to the student with visual impairment.

Receiving the gifts, the beneficiaries appreciated the CBC Health Services for supporting them with devices that will greatly enhance their studies. Bertrand with visual impairment narrated how difficult it has been for him to study without an android phone given that most lectures take place online with the outbreak of COVID-19. “The phone given to me will facilitate my studies,” he concluded.

To the Association President, he feels happy that his advocacy efforts have yielded fruits. The equipment were given to the students, thanks to support from the Australian Government through ANCP.