CBC Health Services offers Scholarship to Learners with Impairments

39 students and pupils with hearing, visual and mobility impairments from the CBC Inclusive School and Sign Language Centre (ISSLC) Mbingo, CBC Inclusive School and Brail Center (ISBC) Banso, CBC Primary School Nkwen Bamenda, and the University of Bamenda, have benefited from the maiden edition of the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Health Services Education Scholarship Service.

Donated by well-wishers from abroad and in Cameroon, the scholarship is going a long way to support access to education and well as meet the needs of many learners with impairments in the country. The scholarships were awarded to beneficiaries through the Services of Persons with Disabilities (SPD) of the CBC Health Services

Awarding the scholarship to the beneficiaries on March 31, 2022, Mr. Warri Denis, Deputy Chief of Administration and Finance noted that the CBC Health Services has put in place the scholarship service to facilitate access to education for persons with disabilities in the Northwest Region and why not beyond. Mr. Warri pledged the commitment of the CBC Health Services to promote the education of children with disability in Cameroon.

Beneficiaries pledge to use the scholarship judiciously

While presenting the scholarship initiative, SEEPD Program Education Adviser paid tribute to one of the main donors Mrs. Truus Treep and her friend of blessed memory. According to her, after vising ISSLC Mbingo, Wil Schrijvershof was burdened by the challenges faced in educating children with hearing impairment in Cameroon and consequently willed part of her savings to support the education of Deaf girls in Cameroon.

The scholarship service has been greatly supported by some Cameroonians of goodwill and is open to the general public willing to contribute.

Ndim Clement, Recipient and President of the Student Association of Persons with Disabilities at the University of Bamenda say the gesture is a wonderful initiative. “I appreciate the donors mobilizing resources to fund the scholarship service. It will go a long way to enable more children with disabilities to access education. We promised to use the scholarship judiciously, he pledged.

On his part one parent of the beneficiaries expressed gratitude and testified that taking care of the education of children with disability in Cameroon is not easy and it is relieving to know that some well-wishers can think of children with disability and support their education.

The CBC Health Services is putting in place strategies to sustain the scholarship service, with the hope that the scholarship can support the tuition of some of the beneficiaries throughout their education